Whether your requirement is compliance with legislation, project development, a major investment in renewable or low carbon energy generation, or simply ensuring your project

makes returns on investments made, ZEBRAcarbon has the experience and expertise.

Our key services, listed here, are not exhaustive.

Contact us for any assistance or advice: we will always endeavour to help.

Energy efficiency auditing

ZEBRAcarbon delivers energy auditing at ASHRAE Levels 1, 2 & 3. We cover a wide range of commercial businesses, from complex industrial sites, such as food processing facilities, to a portfolio of retail outlets. We are qualified ESOS Lead Assessors helping organisations that require auditing to comply with ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) regulations.

Renewable/low carbon energy

ZEBRAcarbon delivers feasibility studies for renewable energy and low carbon projects; especially solar, biomass and combined heat and power (CHP). Our extensive experience allows us to examine both the combined financial and technical elements of an investment appraisal and their full impact on a proposed project.

District heating/heat networks

ZEBRAcarbon is equipped to deliver the initial stages of project development for district heating/heat networks. Our experience includes the delivery of heat mapping studies, energy master planning and techno-economic feasibility for a number of local authorities throughout the United Kingdom. 

Energy performance contracting (EPC)

ZEBRAcarbon provides expertise on the best methods of utilising EPC to deliver energy and carbon savings to the public sector. This includes VFM awareness, where value for money and effectiveness are critical.

Measurement and Verification (M&V)

ZEBRAcarbon is a fully certified provider of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol. We provide independent performance checks on EPC contracts.